In Chris Labrooy’s Palm Springs, Porsches Park Wherever the Hell They Want

Say, how'd those get stuck up there?

November 15, 2016 9:00 am

Just park that thing anywhere, pal.

Usually the instructions of a carpark booth operator.

But it would also makes for a fairly good alternate title for conceptual artist Chris Labrooy’s work.

A continuation of his Auto Elasticity series, Labrooy’s newest project, 911, plops a fleet of technicolor Porsche 911 in, shall we say, unusual locations in and around Palm Springs.

Against stoic, sun-soaked, mid-century backdrops, the UK-based artist has fashioned iconic ’70s Porsches into surreal scenes. They cluster together in nets suspended in the air. They go for a swim. They fall from the heavens. Hell, they nuzzle each other. The frames are saturated, punctuated and slightly uncomfortable. But we could definitely get used to this world.

Check out more of his work on Instagram.

via designboom

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