Volvo’s New Small SUV Can Be Upgraded Like a Phone Plan

For a flat fee, you can get a new XC40 every year

September 22, 2017 9:00 am

In our world, change is a given. Often times the only choice we have is whether or not to adapt.

Volvo is one modern company that appears to be flexible to change.

Their new  XC40 SUV has a particular feature that shows this.

It’s not that the XC40’s is a small SUV. It’s not the 200-250 horsepower four-cylinder engine, or its hybrid engine. It’s not the Harman Kardon speakers or its high resolution, touch-screen onboard computer. 

It’s the way you can own the car, or more to the point, not own the car. Dubbed Care by Volvo, interested drivers can rent the XC40 in a program similar to a phone service.

So no downpayment. No lease. You rent the XC40 monthly, on demand. All of the services and even e-commerce are handled by a Volvo concierge and bundled into a flat, non-negotiable fee.

This is interesting because ride-share programs like Uber are reshaping the way think about transportation. Given that Volvo and Uber are both tinkering with automated driving means that these companies are anticipating a future in which cars move in circulation, ferrying passengers on demand as opposed to today’s model of private ownership and parking lots (up to 24 percent of most cities).

Might be a good time to sell your clunker, or at least your shares in the company that made it.

Unless it’s Volvo or Uber, naturally.

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