Can an Electric Motorcycle Help Stop Poaching?

Electric engines make sense for multiple reasons

Ösa flex AP
Cake's Ösa flex AP.

If you’re working to help stop the illegal hunting of animals, odds are pretty good that you’re going to need an off-road vehicle to get to some of the places you need to go. And if you’re working to help preserve wild populations, odds also good that you’re concerned about the environment — in other words, getting around via an ecologically-friendly method makes a lot of sense.

All of which helps to explain the appeal of a new electric bike from the Swedish manufacturer Cake. The company recently announced the Ösa flex AP and the Ösa+ AP, a moped and bike specifically designed for anti-poaching efforts. Both are fully electric, and are capable of getting their riders up to impressive speeds while traversing the countryside.

As Dezeen recently pointed out in an article on the bikes’ launch, the electric engines aren’t just about being ecologically friendly. They also make for a much quieter means of transportation — which, in turn, means that poachers won’t be able to hear the bikes approaching from a good distance away. In other words, the electric power systems make a lot of sense on both ecological and practical grounds.

Cake also plans to donate part of the proceeds from these bikes to the Southern African Wildlife College, which has an expansive program training people in conservation efforts. It’s one more way these bikes are helping to make a difference.

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