This Three-Legged ‘T-Rex’ Would Look Better With You in It

Preferably with lit stogie and maniacal grin

May 16, 2018 9:00 am

What do you get when you cross a T-Rex and a motorcycle?

The best joyrider this side of F-Zero.

Back in April, Campagna Motors announced they were developing an 100% electric version of their T-Rex, a three-wheeler that “[drives] like a car with motorcycle-like performance.” By the end of the month, they showed a prototype at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show (they’re based in Canada). And now we’ve got some real deal photo evidence.

But more intriguing than electrifying the vehicle is the partner they picked to achieve it: Zero Motorcycles, the industry leaders behind the one-hour-charge bike.

Electric T-Rex (5 images)

Campagna brought them on in hopes of “integrating Zero Motorcycles’ powertrain technology into the chassis of the legendary T-REX for an even more dynamic and unique offering.”

Looking at the prototype specs, “dynamic” doesn’t do this jalopy justice. Aside from the two air-cooled electric motors pumping out 104 kW (140 HP), you’re looking at 232 lb.-ft. of torque (up from 129 on the gas model) and a 0-62 MPH time of 3.2 seconds (down from 3.9 seconds).

As for the batteries, they’ll take you 185 miles in the city on one charge, or 140 miles elsewhere. Depending on the place you juice it up, charging can take anywhere from two-to-nine hours.

Given this is just a prototype, a lot can change before the final product hits showrooms. But unlike other companies that release prototypes with little to no hope for follow-through, Campagna is currently working on a more advanced T-Rex prototype for release this summer.

Fingers crossed it drops before the new Jurassic Park.

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