Trailer to Cabin in Under Ten Minutes? Meet the Optimus Prime of Campers.

Seven-and-a-half foot ceiling work for ya?

October 31, 2018 9:00 am

Trailer crackerjacks are finding wizarding world-level solutions to bring more space out on the road. 

Last week we wrote about the tiny home with a second floor. And this week we’re jazzed by the Camp365 fold-out cabin, the mobile movement’s resident Optimus Prime. 

camp365 (5 images)

In its trailer setting, Camp365 will fit in a (clean) garage, measuring out 4-feet and up about 6-feet and 7-inches. But once transformed to cabin mode (a “Granda certified” process aided by a mechanical lift assist, which takes less than ten minutes and largely just involves some pushing), the camper touts a 7-foot and 6-inch ceiling, along with a living room capable of sleeping up to six outdoorsy amigos.   

And heck, the interior looks comfy. Camp365 went to great lengths to make sure the cabin could dually handle a night’s sleep during winter in Hudson Bay, or summer south of Albuquerque. Clad in an aluminum outer shell, dotted with windows for ventilation and buttressed with propietary insulation, it’s a walking, gleaming all-weather adventure shack. One light enough to be towed by a Mini Cooper, we might add. 

For more information on purchasing or renting a Camp365 trailer, head here.

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All images from Camp65 

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