No, We Wouldn’t Mind Owning an All-Electric ‘60s Mustang Fastback

They won't be making too many of these, friends

November 16, 2018 9:00 am

“Old meets new” is an especially tired trope these days. 

It’s recyled again and again — from designers curating “heritage” menswear lines to engineers crafting “retro” gaming consoles. 

But once in a while, you find a something fully worthy of the cliché. Introducing: Charge Automotive’s 1960s all-electric Mustang

charge (3 images)

Charge is a UK startup more commonly known for its growing fleet of electric trucks, which, if this Mustang is any indication, left them jonesing for a little fun. Building on preserved shells from ’60s Mustang Fallbacks and Convertibles, Charge put together an electric car for the nostalgic badass. 

Each car (there will only be 499 made) can travel 124 miles on a full charge, revs up to 63-MPH in three seconds and puts to use a 300-kW battery. Plus, Charge smartly brought in a who’s who of superior auto-worlders for the build. Michelin for the tires, Arrival for the nitty gritty electric specs and Roborace (AI racing experts) for additional consulting. All that without losing the car’s “We’re parking up at the lookout” Americana aesthetic. Old meets new, indeed.  

For more information on reserving the vehicle, head here.  

All images from Charge

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