It’s Got a Kitchen, Four Wheels, a Bed and Turntables. We Want One.

Hola, Burning Man

By The Editors
October 28, 2016 9:00 am

Can we all just stop for a second with the bubbles? The roundness? The curvy? The drag-less? Why are we so fixated on a future in which every new thing has to more closely resemble an oblong than whatever came before it?

Forget the round peg. Give me the square hole. Give me the Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle, an off-road truck so boxy it’s its own shipping container. They come in five sizes, depending on how many people you typically off-road with (or your comfort with having to roll through weigh stations).

But it’s the add-ons that make this thing a luxury beast. Solar panels on the roof, a motorcycle rack, a DJ-turntable platform (hola, Burning Man) and a full restaurant-grade kitchen. And a proprietary smart system lets you adjust the thermostat and AV from a portable tablet so you’re always within your comfort zone.

Time to think inside the box. Hell, time to live in it.

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