How to Nail Moto Style Without Looking Like a Hells Angel

Everything you need for putting pedal to metal

August 3, 2017 9:00 am

I’ve spent more of my life on a motorcycle than off of one.

When I was a young lass, I strapped on black leather chaps with fringe and a leather jacket emblazoned with a eagle on the back. It was terrifying. 

Because while safety is imperative, the point of riding a motorcycle isn’t to not look cool.

I’ve since grown out of those chaps and the tiny jacket is long gone. But I’ve made it a mission to always scout out gear  with enough style to show up to a dinner date donning, while offering protection just the same. 

Below, you’ll find the gear that’ll do just that. 

jacket (2 images)

The Jacket
Whether it’s waxed canvas or classic leather, a solid jacket is a top priority moto investment that will last a lifetime. Saftey lies in quality material. In other words: this is not a place to scrimp on. 

sunnies (2 images)

The Sunglasses
Good for keeping the sun, bugs and wind out, Schwood’s new collab with Iron and Resin and Autodromo’s shades both fetch. 

kicks (2 images)

The Footwear
Whether you’re down for the forward-thinking Vans moto sneaker or a tried-and-true Freemont boot, you gotta have that grip and protection. If you’re dead set on wearing your fancy footwear, the boot shift protector is a must. 

trousers (2 images)

The Pants
Look Ma, no chaps! Saint’s unbreakable jeans and the Alpha trousers are both reinforced to keep you shielded without looking like you’re heading straight to the Sturgis rally. 

helmets (2 images)

The Helmet
I’ll be the first to admit that helmets without a full face look cool. But after you’ve had a collision that breaks your jaw in 15 places (like your correspondent), you’ll change your tune. The Hedon Heroine helmet fits both the dap and safe bill, while the new Vanguard can has an optional chin attachment. Just do yourself a favor and pick one of those up. Take it from this metal face, it’ll save you loads of time at airport security.

gloves (2 images)

The Gloves
Velomacchi’s Speedway Gloves are best for staying toasty. If you’re an urban rider looking for a fingerless number, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic driving gloes from Outlierman in buttery blue leather

tickers (2 images)

The Watch
The race-inspired Omega Speedmaster and the Triumph Chronograph will get you where you need to be in time. 

bags (2 images)

The Bag
If you’re planning on getting caught in the rain or carry precious goods, go for something with more protection. But for easy-breezy, everyday cruising, the Triumph messenger bag and the Held roll-down bag will send you packin’. 

Lead photo courtesy of Iron & Resin

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