Bandit9’s New Moto Is a Fully Functional Homage to Science Fiction

Still doesn't fly, unfortunately

March 26, 2018 9:00 am

Despite looking like it might take off in a thrust of blue flames at any moment, this motorcycle does not fly.

But if visions of spaceships and holodecks are dancing through your head, you’re not far off: the L-Concept by Bandit9 was explicitly inspired by the steampunk aesthetic of the sci-fi film canon.

“It’s a Sci-Fi Masterpiece. From the unibody tank to the suspended turbine and maneuver controls, the L-Concept brings all your science fiction fantasies to life in a fully functional, mechanical sculpture,” says founder and chief of design Daryl Villanueva on the company’s site.

Bandit9 (4 images)

So what does sci-fi look like on two wheels?

Plenty of spacesuit chrome, for starters, along with handlebars that curve back toward the rider (making it feel as if you are “piloting a speeder rather than riding a motorcycle”), five super-bright LEDs out front (“fit for the darkness of space”) and a suspended engine inspired by the USS Enterprise.

Just don’t expect to be hurtling through space at light speed: the bike tops out at 68 MPH.

The bikes will run around $11K, and Bandit9 plans to build nine of them. Contact them directly for further info.

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