It’s Called an FUV. We’ll Give You One Guess What the F Stands For.

Arcimoto will handle the good vibes from here

November 5, 2018 9:00 am

If your current vehicular goals don’t stretch beyond “avoid driving a minivan,” it’s time to do some soul searching. 

Lucky for you, we know of an auto that’ll have your enodrphins clocking in overtime — at half the price of a Prius. Introducing the (get ready for some blissfully straightforward branding) Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle

arcimoto (4 images)

Arcimoto is an Oregon-based motor brand that’s been around since 2007, and all those months of sustainable transport engineering have clearly paid off. The FUV is an all-electric dream machine. Three wheels, handlebar-driven and game to ferry you, a passenger (who sits behind you) and your gear 70+ miles off a single charge.

While technically a motorcycle, the FUV comes stock with a sun roof, though it can be completely covered if desired. It cranks up to 80 MPH (and 60 in just 7.5 seconds) and rates at 10 times more efficient than the average passenger vehicle. Not to mention, it looks straight out of a video game, in the best way possible. If this thing can’t keep you young on the weekends, you’ve got bigger issues. 

Head here to find test-drive opportunities in your area, and if you’re already convinced you want one of these in the driveway, put down $100 for a preorder here. The Arcimoto starts at $11,900. 

All images from Arcimoto

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