You Deserve to Ride Shotgun in This Custom Anvil Moto Guzzi

If you don't take it, we will

September 20, 2017 9:00 am

You know how they say bleed for your craft? Well, the fellas behind Italy’s Anvil Motociclette took that to heart, literally. 

As in they tattooed anvils on their chest. 

As they put it, “Everything is from an image that represents our essence: the anvil, a strong and indestructible tool, which always tells artisan work and the arrow, symbol of that passion that unites us and which has traced the path of our lives. Our philosophy starts here, from a symbol that we have tattooed close to the heart to remind our deep love for motors at any moment.”

Anvil (7 images)

The commitment to the craft shows, as demonstrated with this tough ride here, their Moto Guzzi V9 custom job complete with sidecar … and picnic basket?

It’s a charming mod if there ever was one, beautifully fitted with place settings for two, not to mention slots to a toothbrush, razor a bottle of wine and a flask. 

Point is, we’d gladly be the Natasha to your Boris if it meant a ride.

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