Fun-Sized Airstream Handles All Backcountry Needs for Half the Price

There's even a new package for truly off-road adventures

August 1, 2018 9:00 am

One observation from a recent trip to Chicago?

The more you splurge on an Airbnb, the harder time you’ll have getting off the nice couch and actually seeing the city you came to visit.

And that same principle applies to campers and RVs. It’s easy to feel roped into needing (and growing accustomed to) the excess space that a full-sized Airstream or Winnebago offers, but that’s a miscalculation. Besides, all that length and weight will give you trouble reaching those particularly hard-to-reach hinterlands.

Addressing these issues, and with elegant aplomb? The newly revamped Airstream Basecamp.

At just $37k, it costs a small fraction of most of the campers in the iconic brand’s lineup. It’s also, of course, a fraction of the size — but we say that’s all the better for time that is intended to be spent outside. It also means you can spend your extra cash on gas, surfboards, hiking gear, technical backpacks … however the spirit moves you.

airstream jr (3 images)

Now, this isn’t to say the Basecamp’s interior can’t keep you warm, clean and happy. It seats five, comes with a full kitchen (stove, sink, fridge), bathroom, sleeps two in 6.5′ beds, includes ample storage and is towable by most mid-size SUVs. And when purchased with the just-released X Package, you can expect a three-inch lift, battle-tested Goodyear tires, stainless steel rock guards, and even a solar window guard.

So get out there … and get the heck out of the camper once you arrive.

Find more information on purchasing here.

All images from Airstream

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