A Real-Deal Flying Car Is Launching This Year

This is hopefully not a drill

April 12, 2017 9:00 am

The flying car of tomorrow isn’t here today — but we’re hearing it’ll be arriving next week.

Slovakia-based engineering firm AeroMobil recently announced its flying car would premiere at Top Marques in Monaco on April 20th. Pre-orders will follow.

With foldaway wings and a lightweight body made of steel and carbon, the two-seat AeroMobil Flying Car can’t take off vertically, but it can top out at more than 99 MPH on the ground, providing a way to quickly jump from road to runway.

Flying Car (3 images)

The vehicle is built to adhere to regulatory requirements for both cars and airplanes, which is incredible, but also means AeroMobil drivers will have to pick up both a driving and flying license.

“AeroMobil aims to make personal transportation vastly more efficient and environmentally friendly by allowing significantly faster door-to-door travel for medium distance trips and in areas with limited or missing road infrastructure,” according to the designers.

There’s no word on the price tag, but AeroMobil does say it will start taking preorders this year.​ 

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