No, It’s Not a Toy. Yes, It Still Runs Like a Champ.

How to get your hands on this 1959 Jeep FC150

By The Editors
March 10, 2016 9:00 am

What’s red in the face, ample in the rump and 57 years old?

Besides Alec Baldwin?

If you guessed this here 1959 Jeep FC150, you are correct. It’s up for auction as we speak.

This particular model of the flat-nosed, cab-over-engine pickup — which first appeared in 1956 and remained in production until 1965 — is being sold at Bring A Trailer. The winning bid was just north of $25k as of this writing.

In addition to boasting an 81-inch wheelbase, a 74-inch bed and its original Hurricane four-cylinder engine, the two-tone truck rides on specialty 700-15LT tires with a tuckaway spare in the back.

If this fully restored Jeep truck looks like it should be on display, that’s probably because it was: the car previously resided at L.A.’s Petersen Automotive Museum, and represents one of just 1,500 models built in 1959.

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