How to Buy a 1,000 HP Corvette at Any Chevy Dealership

Started at 460 HP, now we here

July 27, 2018 9:00 am

The once-illustrious Yenko Chevrolet dealership in Pennsylvania made big-block Camaros available even before the marque itself sold them. It closed in the ‘80s, but the Yenko name lives on attached to certain builds from New Jersey GM tuners Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE), who carry the torch of kitting out muscle cars to unreasonable degrees.

The latest madness is the brand’s 1,000-horsepower, 875 lb-ft torque Corvette, an upgrade package for the 2019 Grand Sport edition. Most convenient part? You can purchase both the car and the SVE upgrade through any Chevy dealership in the country. Caveat: They are limiting production to a total of 25 rides. The pricing is the cost of the 2019 Grand Sport Corvette plus about $69K for the SVE treatment (and an additional $9K if you want it to be manual).

Stock rides come with 460 horsepower, so the upgrade is more than doubling its capacity. Working with the natural aspiration of the car’s LT1 V8 engine, they also added a 2.9L supercharger to increase performance, as well as 10-percent-larger throttle bodies and upgrades to the fuel and exhaust systems.

Oh, and racing stripes. Those are an important renovation, and they’ll cost you.

To get more info or if you’re considering going for it, start here. Note that the modified ride is not California-emissions legal.

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