Is This the Entry-Level EV Americans Have Been Waiting For?

The Equinox EV 1LT could shake up the market

Chevrolet Equinox parked in a neighborhood. The Equinox is a relatively affordable EV.
The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV has an intriguing price.

The availability of charging infrastructure isn’t the only obstacle to widespread EV adoption in the United States; there’s also the matter of pricing. While the number of new gas-powered cars available for under $20,000 is low, the low-priced options available to someone looking to buy a new vehicle that runs electrically are even lower. A recent Autoweek rundown of affordable EVs begins with the Chevrolet Bolt, which costs $27,495 and goes up to some models priced above $40,000.

All of which makes a recent announcement from Chevrolet sound all the more enticing. That announcement concerns the pricing of the 2024 Equinox EV 1LT, which has a suggested retail price of $34,995. Autoblog’s Byron Hurd noted that Chevrolet’s EV offerings are also eligible for $7,500 in tax credits — and that Chevrolet will apply that discount at the time of the sale.

Front-wheel drive Equinox EVs can travel up to 319 miles on a single charge; Autoblog reports that the Equinox EV 1LT will be available later this year.

The prospect of a compact SUV priced comparably to Tesla’s Model 3 could well entice some buyers who have been unwilling to make the leap to EVs, whether for issues of price or size. (Or both.) And Chevrolet’s initiative in this department is part of a larger push towards getting more affordable EVs on the nation’s roads — whether they’re compact SUVs, Aptera’s distinctive three-wheelers or VinFast’s ambitious lineup.

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