Ten Cars With Huge Back Seats. For Doing … Stuff.

Reviving the lost art of the back-seat, uh, well, you know

April 22, 2016 9:00 am

The park at night. Lookout Point. An automatic car wash. Probably not your parking spot at work.

Where you choose to get busy in your vehicle is up to you. All we’re saying is you should. It’s not just for teenagers anymore.

But because that high school hooptie likely left something to be desired space-wise, we pulled together the top 10 roomy steeds for handling your business — whether that business is haulin’ a squad of little soccer gremlins or, you know, some proper old monkey business.

And you won’t be drawing on the curtains on any ‘76 Dodge vans, either.

Land Rover Range Rover
Thirty-two cubic feet of cargo space with rear bench seats that lay down for more room. A lot of window exposure in this one, but luckily the touch of a button activates blinds on all windows — and a panoramic skylight.

GMC Yukon Denali
The engineers over at GMC put all their expertise into creating uncompromised cabin quietness with an acoustic-laminated windshield, triple-sealed doors and active noise cancellation. No sound coming in also means no sound leaking out. Plus: more room than most city apartments. The Yukon comes with power-release fold-and-tumble bucket seats and power-folding third-row fold-flat seats.

Bentley Flying Spur W12
Leading the charge in interior space among new luxury sedans with its 50.728 cubic feet. Plus, she’s a real head turner.

Jaguar XF Sedan
Jaguar’s never had any trouble upholstering their interior and the new XF is no different, with an attractive, butter-soft material. But it does boast delightfully more room than Jag’s previous models, and a four-zone automatic climate control will help manage fogging windows.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV 
Ranks top three out of nine luxury SUVs mostly due to the premium cabin. Three generously roomy rows covered in top-notch upholstery with wide-ranging adjustability, including power-folding second row seats and a massage feature. Bow-chicka.

Jeep Wrangler
The kind of build that practically asks for making out. There’s ample cargo room, with a 60/40 space split and fold-flat seats. With the top off, leverage possibilities are pretty much limitless.

Rolls Royce Phantom
The Phantom is a magnet for attention. Driving it alone will practically guarantee you end up in the backseat. Plenty of room, with 50.757 cubic feet interior space. Plus lambswool rugs underfoot and hand-stitched leather upholstery pre-shrunk and drum-dyed so it won’t squeak or crack under pressure.

Porsche Panamera
The grocery-getter of Porsches could very well be perfect for gettin’ something besides the family dinner. There’s a gracious amount of hatchback space, and the rear seats fold all the way down.

Ferrari FF
Yep, a Ferrari. Here, both rear seats fold down, and the central section of the rear seat also folds down for “particularly large items.” Definitely enough room to move here.

Cade Martin

Tucker 48
Though a build of yesteryear, we couldn’t very well over look the Tucker 48. Originally, the extra-wide, padded front seat was marketed as a safety feature. As in, tuck-and-roll in case of a collision. But its uses were certainly open to interpretation, then and now.

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