Vehicles | April 10, 2017 9:00 am

Put This Behind Your Truck If You Need to Go Away for a While

Planning for a camping trip and/or the end of the world?

From deadly snakes to a thinning ozone layer to literal sharknados, Australia is home to some brutal environs.

But that brutality yields some stunning landscapes, and to comfortably brave it, you can’t do much better than a camper trailer from Conqueror Australia.

Looking at the army green paint and canvas awnings, you’d be forgiven for mistaking their UEV 440 line for a WWII-issue vehicle. But with modern amenities like a 130-liter water tank, solar panels and air conditioning, it’ll last about a week in the wild without you having to resort to canned rations or flint and tinder.

conqueror australia (8 images)

As for the overlanding capabilities? Stick the 440 behind a truck with a decent payload and you’ll be going anywhere, no roads required. The galvanized chassis and patented suspension system can handle a washed-out trail like a champ (see video below), and the integrated storage systems — which include a kitchen that slides into the frame for added security — keep everything organized and safe while you’re rolling over giant rocks.

Just the sort of thing you need while avoiding the four horsemen.