Vehicles | May 27, 2016 9:00 am

The 11 Essential Surf-Mobiles, and Where to Buy One

A guide to the beachiest beach vehicles of all time

Be you a saltwater-guzzling wave rider or not, these cars will make you yearn for the beach.

They’re clunky. They’re outdated. They break down all the time.

And they’re f***ing gorgeous. If you’re sitting indoors right now, this is for you: a collection of nostalgic beach-ready rides that’ll transport you to an Endless Summer paradise.

Let the daydreaming commence.

1971 Volkswagen Bus

Bright and boxy. The VW bus was built to sit oceanside. She can fit plenty of boards, plenty of buds, and is ideal for a post-surf nap with your babe. Pick one up here.

Image via Mpora

1955–1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon

They are literally known as “surf wagons.” ‘Nuff said. Pick one up here.

Image via The Samba

1970 Volkswagen Squareback

A sandy sweetheart with a sturdy roof rack. Pick one up here.

Image via Specialty Sales

1951 Mercury Woodie

Maybe she’s born with. Maybe it’s Mercury. This lady brings us back to a younger, more carefree, pre-cellphone era, when chasing glassy waves and tawny lasses were a man’s only worldly concerns. Pick one up here.

Image via Yahoo

1969 Dune Buggy

Street legal. Somehow. Pick one up here.

Image via Mercado Libre

1950 Plymouth Deluxe

The shining star of old Hawaiian surf movies. A tasteful, powerful, roomy show stopper. Pick one up here.

Image via Classic Cars

1964 Chevy Nova Wagon

She might be the grocery-getter of the group, but the Nova is a more-than-solid ride for headin’ out to hit the water. Pick one up here.

Image via Mpora

1973 Volkswagen Beetle

No brainer. Beetle equals beach. Roll the windows down and let’s do this, brah. Pick one up here.

Image via SeaBreeze

1958 Holden Stationwagon

Big and bold with luscious lines. Pick one up here.

Image via Cool & Vintage

The Classic Land Rover

We just wouldn’t be doing our duty without including a Land Rover from yesteryear. Pick one up here.

1970 Rolls-Royce Shadow

We know what you’re thinking. A Rolls to the beach? Who do we think we are, Frank Sinatra? It’s not the first model that comes to mind when you think Point Break, but the folks over at Cool & Vintage have proved us wrong. Very wrong. Check it out. And pick one up here. And then come and pick us up.