Vehicles | October 20, 2016 9:00 am

Behold: Joe Biden Does a Burnout in a ’67 Corvette

And to think this badass was a heartbeat from the Presidency

Make no mistake, when Joe Biden gets behind the wheel of his Corvette, he’s a nasty man.

Biden put his mean streak front and center during a recent taping of Jay Leno’s Garage, when his Secret Service detail let him drive the ‘67 Corvette Stingray he’s usually required to keep mothballed.

In a preview video of the episode, Biden immediately does a burnout with the ’Vette when given the opportunity and then goes on to tell Leno: “I shouldn’t say this on television — I like speed.”

According to a press release about the episode, which will air on CNBC on November 9th, Biden used his classic car during a “once-in-a-lifetime drag race” with Colin Powell, who drove a 2016 Corvette.

We don’t know who won, but based on the preview, we’re betting on Middle Class Joe.