Travel | September 1, 2017 9:00 am

Winterfell Castle Is Hosting a Real-Life ‘Game of Thrones’ Festival

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If you’re going to choose a Game of Thrones family, it basically has to be the Starks, right? 

Targaryens (a) set other people on fire and (b) hook up with their relatives. That’s a firm no, there. 

Lannisters, precisely ditto. (Wildfire, people.) 

The Tyrells? Basically dead. The Baratheons? Boorish, dead, and also setting people on fire. Greyjoys? Let’s leave that to rest. 

You gotta go Stark! It’s the only option. And now, there’s a chance to rather fully live out that ambition: at Winterfell Fest, at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland

This particular castle is no pretender to the throne: Season 1 Thrones — the most Winterfell-set of any of them — was shot there. 

On tap: ale. On the table: venison. In the courtyard: a replica of the archery range from the show, notably visited by Arya Stark. 

Book your tickets now for the one-day event, coming on September 24. All in all, a banner day, for bannermen (and -ladies.)