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This Valentine’s Day, Give the Gift of Really Fancy Chocolates

For that special someone with an undeniable sweet tooth

The best chocolates to gift on Valentine's Day in 2022
What's Valentine's Day without really fancy chocolates?

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There are many gifts that have come to define Valentine’s Day, some obvious and others odd. Lingerie, for example, is an obvious gift that oozes sex and romance; a lock of hair, on the other hand, is rather strange. But chocolate is a timeless Valentine’s Day gift that traces its roots to the Mayan civilization, the Aztecs and early European royalty. And when Cadbury unveiled the first heart-shaped box of chocolates in 1861 to instant success, the rest, as they say, was sweet history.

While there’s still no concrete evidence to support the use of chocolate as an aphrodisiac, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t gift it on Valentine’s Day. Rather than present a box of chocolates from the local department store, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a handful of mature options that are sure to wow your crush, partner, lover or whomever you choose to appreciate on V-Day. Celebrate with something sweet and don’t forget the flowers.

The Vosges Eternal Love Chocolate Collection is a tasty, sweet box of chocolates for Valentine's Day in 2022
Vosges Eternal Love Chocolate Collection

Vosges Eternal Love Energy Ensemble

Surprise them with a traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates from Vosges. The limited-edition collection is filled with the chocolatier’s best seasonal chocolates inspired by “the divine masculine and feminine.” Inside you’ll find a decadent assortment of colorful candies with mouth-watering options such as wild strawberries and mascarpone cheese, Bronte pistachio paired with the brand’s proprietary chocolate and a sizeable ube purple potato with Tanzanian vanilla, mascarpone and white chocolate.


andSons Love Chocolate Box 24pc

The second-generation chocolatier sells the finest, hand-painted chocolate out of Beverly Hills, California. The brand’s Valentine’s Day collection includes this chicly designed keepsake box featuring an assortment of 24 delectable chocolates, including beautifully designed heart-shaped treats and European-style bonbons with unique flavors like Pineapple Matcha, Pistachio Rose and PB&J.

The Godiva Gold Gift Box is a classic assortment of chocolate that's perfect for Valentine's Day in 2022
Godiva Gold Gift Box

Godiva Gold Gift Box

There’s a good chance you’ve sampled Godiva chocolate at some point in your life, but now you can gift an entire assortment’s worth thanks to the brand’s signature gold box. Find gourmet options in dark, milk and white chocolate with decadent Belgian fillings featuring unique combinations of rich ganache, velvety caramel, luscious praliné and more. And while we recommend the 36-piece box for its ideal capacity, you can downsize to as little as eight pieces or upgrade to a box of 140 chocolates for the ultimate gift.

The Compartes Gourmet Luxury Chocolates Gift Box is a perfect box of chocolates in 2022
Compartes Gourmet Luxury Chocolates Gift Box

Compartes Gourmet Luxury Chocolates Gift Box

Nevermind how good these chocolates taste — the presentation alone is worth every penny. Featuring handmade chocolates in a 26-piece assortment, this California Wave chocolate gift box makes for the perfect gift whether your Valentine loves chocolate or simply wishes to display the assortment on a shelf. Evoking modern fashion trends and a sense of sophistication, you’ll never find a chocolate collection more unique.

The Kreuther Signature Chef's Selection is one of the best Valentine's Day chocolates for those looking to spice things up on Valentine's Day in 2022
Kreuther Signature Chef’s Selection

Kreuther Signature Chef’s Selection

Beyond the obvious fact that Kreuther’s Signature Selection looks like a work of art, this 24-piece collection is incredibly delectable. Combining classic and seasonal flavors using time-tested French techniques, your Valentine is sure to enjoy the variety and attention to detail. Flavors such as Tahitian vanilla, salted butter caramel, oatmeal cookie and honey saffron are only a few of our favorites.

Moonstruck Chocolate's Favorite Bars Gift Set is the best Valentine's Day chocolate to give in 2022
Moonstruck Chocolate’s Favorite Bars Gift Set
Moonstruck Chocolate

Moonstruck Chocolate’s Favorite Bars Gift Set

Portland, Oregon-based Moonstruck Chocolate has crafted superior chocolates that not only taste exceptional, but look remarkable as well for nearly 30 years. Made with ethically-sourced chocolate and elevated with fresh local ingredients, consider gifting the Favorite Bars Gift Set that features five of the chocolatier’s best-selling bars. Local artists design the wrappers and illustrations, giving this sweet gift an artisanal touch.

The Ethel M. Chocolates Classic Collection is one of the best Valentine's Day chocolate collections for gifting in 2022
Ethel M. Chocolates Classic Collection
Ethel M. Chocolates

Ethel M. Chocolates Classic Collection

While Ethel M. is technically part of the Mars family, it’s easily our favorite label under the conglomerate’s umbrella because it allows you to create custom chocolate collections or choose from an assortment of gift boxes such as this one. Complete with 16 pieces of decadent chocolate, every batch is made in a solar-powered factory without preservatives, so you know it’s “cleaner” than other options from well-known sweets labels. And if you’re looking for something different, be sure to shop the entire Ethel M. collection online to find the perfect gift.

Thr Coffret Maison Dark Chocolate is a rich, delicious chocolate gift for Valentine's Day in 2022
Coffret Maison Dark Chocolate
La Maison Du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat Coffret Maison Dark Chocolate

La Maison du Chocolat’s Coffret Maison Dark Chocolate doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every penny. Packed with fresh flavor and perfectly brittle, the chocolate’s inner filling and outer shell will leave you wanting more. Flavors are a little less experimental than a few picks on this list, but the sophistication and conservative nature of the ingredients make for the perfect, can’t-lose Valentine’s Day offering.

The Harlem Chocolate Factory Golden Brownstone Gift Set is a perfect Valentine's Day gift in 2022
Harlem Chocolate Factory Golden Brownstone Gift Set
Harlem Chocolate Factory

Harlem Chocolate Factory Golden Brownstone Gift Set

Harlem Chocolate Factory delivers a stunning six-piece set of handcrafted chocolate that’s as much art as it is edible. Crafted in the shape of Harlem’s famous Brownstone apartments and covered in a layer of gold, classic flavors include milk, dark and white chocolate. With a goal to bring diverse choices to the forefront of the chocolate industry, you won’t find chocolate with a more interesting, important background that’s worth gifting on V-Day.

The Kollar Chocolates 25-Piece Assortment is a decadent, beautiful chocolate set that's perfect for Valentine's Day in 2022
Kollar Chocolates 25-Piece Assortment
Kollar Chocolates

Kollar Chocolates 25-Piece Assortment

Tempting as it may be to keep these Kollar Chocolates on your mantle, we recommend eating them to experience and savor their rich flavors. The 25-piece assortment, complete with stunning artwork, takes your chocolate gifting game to the next level. Inside, you’ll find both classic and seasonal flavors, each of which makes for the perfect treat on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to post a ‘gram-worthy pic online before they’re all gone.