Home Goods | March 17, 2017 9:00 am

Meet Coodo, the Tiny Home of the Future

It goes wherever you go

Today’s a good day to get away.

From work. From the city. From amateur drinkers (Happy St. Paddy’s, by the way).

Good place to escape to? Coodo.

No, not a city, but rather a hyper-efficient, minimalist, futuristic tiny home that you can set up pretty much anywhere and still enjoy the creature comforts of home. Sauna optional.

Started by the German company LTG Lofts-to-go, Coodos are flexible living and work environments that offer “the luxury of simplicity.” They’re ridiculously easy to install and move: depending on your model, you’ll just need a container truck, a shipping container and/or a mobile crane or forklift.

Coodo (5 images)

Each Coodo is a rounded frame with a lot of sturdy glass. All the heating, cooling and power is sealed within the floors and walls, which you control from your smartphone. And the interior is hypoallergenic, built for good acoustics and features a micro-filtered ventilation/air moisture system.

These units are certainly more versatile than a typical prefab tiny home: besides a range of sizes (from a Coodo 9, which is 3x3x3m, to a two-story event space), you can choose interior colors, fabrics and details. And the units are modular, so you can expand your home Lego-style by attaching additional units.

The Coodo isn’t necessarily a home: it can double as an office, man cave or nature observatory. There are also dedicated sauna and houseboat options, and the minimalist design seamlessly blends into its surroundings: the floor-to-ceiling glazing can be folded away for maximum immersion into nature.

A Coodo currently needs about 12 weeks from order-to-delivery in Europe; according to LTG CEO Mark Dare Schmiedel, units for Canada and the U.S. will be available this year, with more specific info coming in the next few weeks. “We think this is going to be our biggest market,” he tells us. “After all, the tiny-house movement came from the States.”

Not ready to buy? Coodo resorts — think high-end RV camps — will be sprouting up all over Europe and Asia starting next year.