Home & Design | January 2, 2017 9:00 am

King Arthur’s Cave, Reimagined as a Cabin You Can Stay In

Just in time for hibernating season

Feeling that post-holiday malaise that makes you want to run off to some faraway place, set your out-of-office reminder and generally seclude yourself from all human interaction until February?

Thought so.

And we’ve got just the place: Arthur’s Cave Cabin.

Not quite a cave at all, the pop-up hotel is a Visit Wales’s “Year of Legends 2017” contest-winning design inspired by the cave wherein King Arthur and his knights once (allegedly) hid out.

Designed for maximum taking-in-of-the-Welsh-landscape, it’s fashioned from locally sourced slate cutouts over layers on CNC-cut plywood panels. On the interior, insulated birch plywood is used to give the dwelling a cave-like ambience.

There’s a fireplace  for warmth and one heck of a view. Everything you need. And everything you don’t far, far away.

Photos: Miller Kendrick Architects