Health & Fitness | June 2, 2016 9:00 am

LA’s Newest Attraction? A 67-Mile Multi-Day Hike. With Bars.

Plus: Four more of the country’s best super-long trails

You don’t need a tux to strut L.A.’s newest attraction.

Hell, you probably don’t even need your skivvies once you’re deep enough into it.

A 67-mile through hike that snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains in the largest urban National Park in the country, the Backbone Trail offers hikers the chance to enjoy unique plant and animal communities without ever getting to a point where civilization is too far off.

Backbone Trail

In fact, the Backbone is close enough to the rest of the world that hikers have the ability to stop off for a bite to eat at a restaurant, sneak in an impromptu shopping trip or grab drinks at a bar.

With comforts like that readily available, the Backbone is closer to bunny hill than double black diamond.

That said, it’s still well worth conquering. Once you do, here are some advanced options.

Green: The Long Trail
The Long Trail is 272 miles of Green Mountain goodness. The oldest long-distance trek in the U.S., The Long Trail stretches from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts state line.

Blue: The Appalachian Trail
Georgia to Maine
Spanning 14 states and 2,185 miles, the Appalachian Trail is the North American hiking path by which all others are measured. It’s not the longest or the most difficult, but it is a great place to hide out from the cops.

Image via Ice Age Trail Alliance

Black Diamond: The Ice Age Trail
The 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin was not named after the animated film series. Hikers can trace their way along the edge of a post-glacial route while walking where woolly mammoths once trod.

Image via Pacific Crest Trail Association

Double Black Diamond: The Pacific Crest Trail
California to Washington
The Trail Reese Witherspoon walked in Wild covers 2,663 miles across California, Oregon and Washington. Finishing the trail takes half a year, unless you go by horseback, which is also an option.