Gear | July 14, 2016 9:00 am

This Brilliant Phone Game Will Make You Forget About Pokémon Go

Meet Yix, the inappropriate game for our times.

Combining our two favorite pastimes — the forced vulgarity of Cards Against Humanity with the random hilarity of Giphy — is Yix.

Just launched on the iPhone (an Android version is coming later this summer), the free phone game allows three players or more to respond to phrases like “Awkward encounters with your neighbors” or “White people love _____” with one of several pre-selected .gifs, or with one of their choosing. Another player acts as judge and selects a winner.

Inappropriateness ensues.

You can play with friends or strangers (via the “Stranger Danger” option). One note of caution: If you host a game and no one comes to play, you’ll have to sign out of the app to continue.

So seriously: come play with us.