Gear | December 16, 2016 9:00 am

Tinder on Apple TV Is the Party Game Your Family Needs This Holiday Season

Swipe right for fun

On the first day of Christmas the tech overlords gave to me …

Tinder on Apple TV.

A new version of the dating app finally ( or maybe inexplicably?) made it to the streaming device, complete with a swipeable remote control, just in time for the holidays.

Since Tinder is apparently promoting the judging of potential dates as a familial activity, and since we’re always looking for a new game (read: distraction), we’ll bite.

To make it as easy as possible — and fun for the whole family — we’ve come up with official rules for the Unofficial Tinder on Apple TV Party Game. So put down the playing cards and Cards Against Humanity, turn on the TV and get swiping.


  1. Divide into two teams with two Tinder users as the team leaders.
  2. Flip a coin. Leader that calls it signs in.
  3. Set a timer for 3 minutes. That leader’s team has the entire 5 minutes to rack up as many points as possible (see below for scoring), except …
  4. Your round ends early if: The leader matches with someone whose main photo is abs/cleavage without a face OR lands on a Tinder bot or escort profile.
  5. Switch when the round ends.
  6. Highest score at the end of six rounds (three rounds each) wins.


Score one point for finding one of these Tinder cliches and two points if the team leader swipes right on that person anyway:

In the photos:
Posing with an exotic animal (elephant, jungle cat, giraffe, etc.)
Shirtless guy selfie (we’ve yet to see a shirtless girl selfie)
Group photos where user is unclear
Mission trip with African children
Baby or young child that is not their own (being used as a prop) r
Rugged outdoor or GoPro shots only
Duck face
Animal the person has caught/killed
A celebrity 
No actual people
Dog Snapchat filter

In the profiles:
“I like witty banter”
Self-described foodies
Open relationships
Marilyn Monroe quote
Emojis indicating religious preference
More than 15 emojis
“Only contact me if you are ready to meet”
“No ugly chicks”
Trying to pass off a famous quote as their own
Stating they have multiple profiles
“Follow me on IG”
No bio at all
Listing likes that everyone shares (music, food, reading, TV and movies)
“If we do this right, we’ll never be on here again”
“We don’t have to tell people where we met”
Greek life affiliation
“Down to earth”
Weird overshare (both teams must agree)
“No fuccbois” (spelling with “c” required)
Their full CV
Full geographic life path (4+ cities/countries listed)
“No hook ups”
People who exclude races in their interests
The traveler only here for the weekend

To speed up the swiping, write these attributes on a board for easy viewing. As the cliches may change depending on family or location, feel free to customize as needed.

If you’d like to add drinking to this game, instead of racking up points, take a drink every time you find one of these traits.

Let us know how it goes.