Gear | June 30, 2016 9:00 am

The Seven American-Made Snacks Your Cookout Needs This Weekend

Moonshine, bourbon smoked spices and black truffle salami

Independence Day.

More than just a movie that didn’t need a remake. It’s also a time to celebrate —  you know — our independence.

And just as we broke free from the bonds of colonialism on that fateful day in 1776, we today exhort you to break free from the bonds of your workaday priorities to celebrate with friends, burgers, spirits and hopefully all five fingers for approximately the next 96 hours.

How to equip yourself for said festivities? With all the all-American sauces, spices, snacks and spirits a burger-flipping man could possibly need, which you’ll find right here, care of our good friends at Mouth.

1. American Whiskey
This ain’t on the list just for the name. The folks at Van Brunt Stillhouse in Brooklyn make whiskey by hand in small batches. The whiskey is made from barley and wheat with trace amounts of rye and corn, then sent off for a five-month R&R in American oak barrels.

2. Kings County Moonshine
Honestly, is there anything more American than moonshine? And this modern take on the once-taboo hooch comes sans blindness, which is how we prefer it.

3. Hot Korean Ssäm Sauce
Momofuku chef David Chang’s own personal blend tastes good on just about any meat you can think of, and a whole lot of other stuff too. Sweet, tangy and spicy all at once.

4. Bourbon Smoked Grilling Spice Set
Slow-smoked with aged Kentucky bourbon barrels. Included: sea salt, black pepper, citrus pepper, garlic salt, chili powder and togarishi.

5. Black Truffle Salami
Based on Spanish curing traditions but made in New York City, this 100% pasture-raised pork is seasoned with black truffle and sea salt. Charcuterie is always a good look. Serve it on this.

6. Billy Goat Potato Chips
Small-batch chips really do make a difference. Made daily, each batch takes seven minutes. That’s definitely a higher minute-per-chip ratio than you’ll find from those Frito-Lay fellows.

7. Habanero Horseradish Dills
Cleanses the palate. Clears the sinuses.

8. Wagyu Beef Jerky
Take one Wagyu-bred cattle from a 50-year-old family farm in New Mexico. Add salt, spices and smoked hardwood. Remove moisture. Serve. Become 4th of July BBQ legend.