Gear | March 10, 2021 10:47 am

Deal: These Popular Smartwool Running Socks Are 25% Off

A bad pair of socks cancels out a $100 pair of running shoes

smartwool running socks
Bring home a pair of the PhD Run Low-Cut Socks for $12.
REI Outlet

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Smartwool’s PhD Run Ultra Light Low-Cut socks are currently 25% off at REI Outlet.

There’s really no point in dropping $100 or more on running sneakers if you’re just going to match them with an old pair of cotton “athletic” socks. That’s a great way to get a bunch of blisters.

Whether you’re emphasizing speed-work on the track or long miles on the roads, you need a reliable pair of running socks. Smartwool’s PhD series is one of the most respected out there. These socks are made from a blend of antimicrobial Merino wool and flexible nylon, and they’re raised a bit in the heel, to make sure you aren’t rubbing against the back of your shoe.

Find them available in multiple sizes here at REI Outlet.