Gear | October 30, 2017 9:00 am

Self-Driving Cooler, or Leaked Image From the Next Pixar Movie?

It's like your dog ... if your dog could bring you a beer

Herbie gets you a beer.

Not a real Disney film, but now almost a real possibility: Honda’s new concept vehicle RoboCas is basically a giant smiling cooler with big, bashful LED eyes. Using autonomous mobility technology, RoboCas can follow you around, “bringing happiness and joy to everyone.” It’s a cartoon character, and we aren’t mad at it.

Debuting now at the Tokyo Motor Show, the car company suggests using it to open an impromptu cafe or curry shop. It can also transport people or serve as general storage, but hey, we’re a bit set on the glorified cooler concept … which, sadly, is all that RoboCas is right now.