Food & Drink | January 17, 2023 12:04 pm

Stuff We Swear By: The Spinn Coffee Maker Is an Essential Part of My Morning Routine

Ditch the pour over and French press for something a little easier

The Spinn Coffee Makers on a brown background
The Spinn uses precision grinding and water blending techniques for a better cup of coffee, espresso or americano.

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A great coffee machine is the epitome of laziness, and I mean that in the best way possible. Making French press or pour over in the morning while still tired is a damn near Herculean feat. But an automatic drip machine that makes the process simpler without sacrificing flavor will always be worth a pretty penny. Enter the Spinn. It looks like a cross between a Keurig and an espresso machine, which is precisely what it is. The Spinn uses precision grinding and water blending techniques for a better cup of coffee, espresso or americano. It sounds great on paper, but once I got the chance to use it, I fell in love and haven’t looked back since.

How I use it: The Spinn Coffee Maker is relatively easy to use, but it can be a bit unsettling when it starts groaning and rumbling like a spaceship. The machine has a built-in grinder, which isn’t all that special since lots of coffee makers do. What is special, though, is that the grind consistency is dictated by the drink you select on the touchpad or via the app.

The next part of the process is what really makes the machine stand out. The ground coffee enters a centrifuge that spins up to 4,500 RPM and shoots water at all sides. The type of brew chosen determines the speed at which it spins — a lower speed will create something akin to pour over, while the highest speed yields outstanding espresso in a matter of minutes. 

One of my only gripes with this otherwise great piece of equipment is that you need a separate milk frother to make milk-based drinks. Many espresso makers in this price range have frothers built in, so that minor inconvenience is a but frustrating. That said, the separate attachment does work very well.

Why I swear by it:  Spinn’s other major selling point, aside from its convenience, is the app, which includes a coffee marketplace where you can purchase beans from around the country with just a few clicks. Spinn has worked with these roasters to create a brewing guide for each bag of beans. For example, one roaster I tried added more water to their coffee recipe than another, while another required slightly more espresso for their cortado.

The Spinn Coffee Maker app is also filled with recipes for all kinds of drinks to make with the milk frother like cortados to mochas. It even has a recipe for an espresso martini for when nighttime rolls around. The app also allows you to make your own tweaks to the recipes, whether you prefer a stronger cup of coffee or a smoother shot of espresso to go with your americano. That ability to adjust and tinker with the taste and consistency is what makes the Spinn so fun to use.  You can also connect the device to your smart home to easily schedule your morning cup.

The Spinn delivers great coffee consistently, quietly and quickly. It’s expensive, especially if you have to shell out extra money for the Milk Frother, but it’s a worthwhile investment, for sure.