Culture | June 8, 2015 9:00 am

The Name Is Wild, and It Will Sell Out

Dress to impress.

The Name Is Wild, and It Will Sell Out
Andria Lo
By The Editors

Wild Kitchen, the roving underground supper club, is the ultimate SF foodie event. June 26th, chef Ty Taube and his crew set up shop in the Ferry Building with a menu of dishes built on ingredients foraged from around Northern California. It’s the perfect excuse to set up a date-night tour of some of the city’s most properly gorgeous venues.

Step One: Gear Up
An evening so adventurous deserves a tweak on the date-night uniform. You want to make a run past menswear mecca Archive. Get there now for deep discounts on spring collections — like this Alexander Plokhov bomber. “Subtle ribbing and panelling plus the nice zipper detail puts this jacket 10 years into the future.” Buy it now and you’ll still be wearing it in 2025.

Step Two: Early Drinks
Meet at 6:00 on the dot for a quick drink at the Redwood Room’s brand-new Decompression Hour, celebrating the bar’s first 100 years. Ten top S.F. bartenders contributed drinks to the Centennial Cocktail List; we’ll be ordering Anthony Kim’s Pan-Pacific Sling, with Camp de Encanto pisco, pineapple gum syrup and cherry herring.

Step Three: Wild Kitchen
One hundred diners, one table and eight courses, each one focused on a single foraged ingredient: Wild fennel pollen. Wild horseradish. Wild California salmon. Wildflowers. All will make an appearance, courtesy of a menu designed by Sonoma chef and second-generation forager Ty Taube. If you — or your plus-one — think dining should be an adventure, this is exactly how you want to spend the evening.

Step Four: The After-Party
It’s a five-minute walk along the waterfront from the Ferry Building to tapas bar Coqueta. You’re skipping the tapas. But you will want a bottle of the txakoli, a low-stress, super-dry white wine from the Basque coast of northern Spain. There are worse ways to end the night.

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