Culture | August 9, 2018 9:00 am

The Tech Folio Is an Everyday Carry-All for 21st-Century Commuters

This > your pockets > fannypack

Check your pockets.

Got a phone in one? A second phone in the other? A battery pack? Cable? Charger?

Or maybe those god-awful wireless earbuds you’ve already had to replace twice?

Your tech can do better than pockets … or the bottom of that sad messenger bag you’re currently ferrying about town.

Let’s take a look at the Tech Folio, from made-in-S.F. brand WaterField Designs.

Tech Folio (4 images)

It starts with a waxed canvas or ballistic nylon cover — your choice. Mesh pockets mean you can see everything at a glance, without needing to poke around your stash until you find what you need. It’s also built to fit oddly shaped stuff, so if you need a place to stow that three-pronged U.K. electrical adapter, this is it.

Slide it into your day bag, and you’re good to go, with all your essentials close at hand and protected from the elements (like a leaking protein smoothie).

And while you’re there, we advise having a thorough look through WaterField’s website.

Maybe it’s time to explore a relationship with the pro executive backpack? Or the exceptionally good-looking bag made for 15” laptops?

Take a look — it’s an accessories shop in which you can “browse by device.”

If they don’t understand San Francisco, no one does.