Culture | October 20, 2017 9:00 am

CarHopper Lets You Rent an Expensive Car for the Day

It's like Hertz for Ferraris

You may love your car. You may hate your car.

Either way, it’s nice to slip into something new once in a while.

Enter CarHopper, the veritable Airbnb for luxury car rentals, which just touched down in Los Angeles after a successful round of investing. (UPDATE: A rep for CarHopper clarified that the service isn’t what you’d consider peer-to-peer. “With CarHopper, you’re not renting a stranger’s car — you’re actually renting directly from a local supplier.” We also updated our headline to reflect this.) 

You wanna cruise the PCH in a Porsche 911? Turn some heads in a Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills? Head to Joshua Tree in a Land Rover?

Because we’ve got five of the flashiest available models, along with some marching orders on where to let them loose.

For Driving Around Town: Tesla Model X
Cost per Day: $481
Why? Because the Tesla uses no gas, you spend no extra money. Meanwhile, it’s crazy fast and literally drives itself.

For Camping in Style: Range Rover
Cost per Day: $786
Why? Because you fantasize about pulling up to Joshua Tree looking like British nobility out for a hunt.

For Driving Around Beverly Hills: Rolls-Royce Dawn
Cost per Day: $1,925
Why? Because people drive so painfully slow in Beverly Hills that you might as well be comfortable. Hire a driver and make some sandwiches; if we see you, we’ll pass the Grey Poupon.

For Cruising the Sunset Strip: Lamborghini Aventador
Cost per Day: $1,774
Why? Because you want to cut the line. This oughta do the trick.

For Cruising Up the PCH: Porsche 911
Cost per Day: $611
Why? Because you can’t surf.