Chicago | December 22, 2014 9:00 am

Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide

Eight gifts, and where exactly to buy them

By The Editors

Sir, we’re perilously close to Christmas Day.

T-minus a plate of cookies and counting.

And yet, if you’re like most Chicagoans, you still have presents to buy.

So, hark the herald angels sing, we made you this: Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide

Inside, we suggest eight gifts and — because it’s wayyyy too late to get anything shipped — we reveal the eight actual stores where you can still buy them. 

For mom, we’ve got spa day right off the river. 

For the young’uns, we’ve got one tricked out bike.

We even threw in some ideas for your co-workers and colleagues.

If we’ve neglected to include ideas for somebody on your list, just remember: when in doubt, liquor.

Home Depot’s never a bad idea either.

Who doesn’t need a power drill?

Or a chrysanthemum?

Enjoy the Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide.