Art | October 1, 2016 5:00 am

This Is How Tap Dancing Is Like Hip-Hop

You might think that tap dancing has come and gone, but dancer Kenji Igus would argue the contrary. In fact, with the global prevalence of hip-hop, it’s become even more relevant than ever before. Igus believes tap and rap are cousins. “In hip-hop they offer cypher or battle. The right to take what your opponent does, and try to flip it on them or do it better,” Igus says. “It’s all about personality. And, if you’re not being authentic, people will call you on it. Tap dance is the exact same way.”

Aside from tap and rap both having forms of call-and-response routines, they’re both rooted in percussion. Some critics believe tap dancing is the purest form of dance, because the act produces music itself.

Dive into the world of tap dancing through this short documentary by Stewart Maclennan. Igus takes you on a journey with his insightful words and mesmerizing feet, giving you a whole new appreciation for the art form.