10 Robes for a Comfier (And Manlier!) Quarantine

Real men wear robes

10 Robes for a Comfier (And Manlier!) Quarantine
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By Lee Cutlip / April 7, 2020 1:16 pm

Do men actually wear robes? Evidence would suggest that they do, considering there’s a such a wide market for them, meaning they must be in demand. And there are plenty of fictional characters seen sporting them — Tony Soprano did on the regular, Robert De Niro wore one both in Casino and The Irishman, Daniel Craig’s Bond sported a lush, velvety brown number in Spectre, and how can we forget The Dude from The Big Lebowski. But where are the real-life, non-fictional men robe wearers?

Maybe it has something to do with that thing called toxic masculinity, and robes just read as too feminine. Yet the examples given above are of mobsters, a spy and The Dude, all intimidating and formidable figures. Despite the hyper-masculinity surrounding these men, their predilection for robes demonstrates their affinity for loungewear and the act of lounging (even mafiosos need to relax every once in a while). Besides, none of their manliness is sacrificed; if anything, their ability to casually and confidently wear a robe shows how secure in self they are.

It’s time to take cues from these fictional characters and invest in a robe of your own. You may think that if you’ve seen one robe, you’ve seen them all, but they come in a wide range of colors, fabrics and designs. Maybe you want something a little thicker for when you step out of the shower and want to be swaddled, or maybe you’re after something a little lighter to throw over a white tank and boxers while fetching the morning paper (à la Tony). Whatever your preference, there’s a robe out there for you.

HANRO® Night and Day Knit Robe

This robe is on the expensive end, but when purchasing a robe you want to buy one with the intent that you’re going to have it for years to come.

L.L.Bean Terry Cloth Organic Cotton Robe

L.L.Bean makes robes ideal for those who are first-time robe wearers. Their terry cloth robe is about as simple as it gets and is perfect for combating those post-shower chills, all while managing to dry you.

Sleepy Jones Altman Robe

Who doesn’t want to be embraced by a bright, fuzzy yellow robe every morning? You’ll be a much welcome (and needed) ray of sunshine.

Banks Journal Paramount Coffee Project Sharks Robe

This one’s for the surfers (or wannabe surfers). Born out of a collaboration with Paramount Coffee Project, this robe features both a floral and shark design on the back, as well as a little plant design on the chest. It’s totally sick, dude. (Is this how surfers talk? We have no idea.)

Striped Cotton Seersucker Robe

If your granddad were to wear a robe, it would be this one, and we mean that in the best way possible. This seersucker robe is a classic that lends itself to those cooler spring and summer mornings. Best paired with a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.

Upstate The Robe

Now you don’t have to try and smuggle that hotel robe home with you. Instead, buy one just like it. Slip on Upstate’s ‘The Robe’ and you’ll feel just like you’re at the spa.

Tekla Fabrics Terry Stripe Bathrobe

Who said robes have to be boring? Tekla’s terry bathrobe is for those who seek a little maximalism when it comes to their loungewear. Plus, it has a hood!

Reigning Champ Mélange Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hooded Robe

Reigning Champ’s cotton-jersey hooded robe is the least robe-y of the bunch, so if you still can’t bring yourself to get on board with the ultra-fluffy terrycloth iterations, this is a nice, understated option that still has all of the benefits of a great robe.

Majestic International Waffle Knit Robe

Tony Soprano would most definitely approve of this robe. Need we say more?

Filson Alaskan Guide Robe

Rather than the expected terrycloth or cotton, Filson’s Alaskan Guide Robe is made from the same fabric as their iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt, meaning it’s warm, rugged and durable.

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