To the Brave

Chef Boulud on the art of taking a risk

By The Editors
January 12, 2015 9:00 am

It’s a thin line between a brave man and a fool.

Take a risk, win big: brave man.

Take a risk, lose everything: foolish dude.

Our friends at The Dalmore agree and so, together, we created To the Brave, a video series in which a few stout-hearted and successful gents tell us about the key moment of bravery in their career.

A qualifier on that word: brave.

Like anything, it comes in degrees.

Every man who’s ever stepped foot on a battlefield or charged into a burning building is brave. Definitively. No arguments in it.

But that’s not the only definition of bravery.

Take Daniel Boulud.

You probably know him as the man behind perennial Michelin three-star awardee Daniel.

What you probably don’t know is how he got there.

Starts on a farm in France.

“At 14, I left home, I left school, and I told my parents I wanted to be a chef.”


So while most gents were mustering the courage to ask a girl to the homecoming dance, Boulud hit the road with a saucepan in his bindlestiff.

And for us, that makes him a brave man.

Check out To the Brave to hear his story in full.

Then go. Take your own risks.

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