The Five Skills Every Man Says He Knows (But Do You Really?)

Are you ironing/grass-cutting/tire-changing correctly?

By The Editors
April 7, 2016 9:00 am

As men, we want to feel in control.

Part of that control is having the ability to fix things … or at least having the ability to believably convince other people that you know how to fix things.

But wouldnʼt it be better if you actually knew how to do the things everyone else assumes you know how to do?

Donʼt worry, we got you. Herein, five skills you should really probably know by now, along with accompanying how-to videos. The next time your manliness is needed, be prepared with more than a story.

Change a Tire
Thank God for AAA, amiright? But what if youʼre heading out of town for the weekend? Youʼve planned a romantic getaway with your new flame. Youʼve made all the right moves, picked the coziest beach locale, constructed the perfect road trip playlist and then … pop! If youʼre not ready to get your hands dirty, AAA may be the only ones joining you on your romantic getaway. This video shows you the most important part is just being prepared — if you donʼt have a spare and jack, your weekend will fall flat.

Open a Wine Bottle
One time I tried to open a wine bottle with a knife. The immediate result was that I got the bottle open, albeit with a huge crack down the side. The residual effect was, a week later, my friendʼs roommate lodged a large piece of glass in his foot (and has the scar to prove it). There’s a better way … including how to properly remove the wrapper. And not get scars.

Iron a Shirt
My dad once got a ticket for not wearing his seat belt. His excuse? “Iʼm heading to a meeting and didnʼt want my shirt to get wrinkled.” The wrinkle struggle is real. Raise your hand if youʼve ever been in a hotel room, pulled out the complimentary ironing board, plugged in and just shrugged. Stay fresh from here on out with some tips on proper board placement, steam level, starch activation and more.

Cut the Grass
Dad story again. One day, he decided it was my turn to cut the grass. He proceeded to throw me on a riding mower — with no further instructions — as it headed straight for a tree. Here, some much needed pre-tree-hitting instructions, catching you up to speed with blade lengths and proper bagging techniques.

Pick out Flowers for a Lady
Youʼve ironed your shirt, picked up a bottle of wine (and know how to open it), prepped for a tire disaster and made the lawn look nice. Now, how do you impress her when you pick her up? You think roses, but pro tip: some women donʼt like roses. Maybe itʼs too soon for roses. Maybe she loves daisies. Or petunias. Or bonsai trees. Here’s how to tap into your relationship to pick the proper bouquet representation, what each flower actually means and even where to have them delivered.

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