Survey Says North American Airlines Don’t Measure Up to Global Rivals

Price index: average. Satisfaction index: scraping the barrel.

April 26, 2016 9:00 am

In the grand scheme, Louis CK is right: we really shouldn’t be complaining as much as we do about the miracle of human flight.

That said, when it comes to providing an affordable and satisfying in-flight experience, North America is getting absolutely thrashed by its Asian and European competitors at the moment.

After analyzing data collected from and Skytrax about flight volume, on-board food, service, comfort, in-flight entertainment and value versus price on 18 international airlines, 1843 came up with a numerical score for each of the carriers and charted them.

The results aren’t pretty for the home team(s).

American and United Airlines were tied …
For being terrifically mediocre. Both carriers ranked at the bottom of the list in terms of customer satisfaction and were also pricier than the majority of airlines reviewed. The fact that they fly in greater volume than most competitors might be a reason for their ineptitude, but it’s no excuse.

If you want to go American, go Delta
Despite making around 250,000 flights during Q4 2015, Delta still graded out as being affordable while offering a decent level of customer satisfaction.

Asian airlines are the way to go
Airlines based out of Asia took home the top four spots in terms of customer satisfaction and five of the top seven spots overall. Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) was rated as the best overall airline in terms of satisfaction v. price, followed by Emirates and Singapore.

Air Canada compares well on the continent, but it’s still average, eh
The Canadian carrier finds itself in the dead center. Other carriers in the “meh” zone: Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Air China.


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