Steph Curry Will Fix Your Jump Shot Now

1. Take online course. 2. Never lose a game of knockout again.

November 17, 2017 9:00 am

Losing your shot is kind of like losing a good pair of socks.

You had some great memories. Plenty of triumphs. But then last winter one of them fell behind the washing machine, and things haven’t been the same since. New ones have come and gone, but it never felt quite right.

Steph Curry won’t help you find your beloved socks. But he might be able to help you reclaim your shot. The two-time NBA MVP and long-distance-shooting warlock recently filmed more than 15 instructional videos for his partnership with MasterClass. And all interested parties, whether blue-chip ballers or driveway dads, can pre-enroll now for $90 to gain early access.

In a promotional video for the course, which officially drops later this winter, Curry says, “Being able to shoot, it’s all about being a more complete and confident ball handler.” He dances around cones, pounding two basketballs at once, eventually mixing in a tennis ball. He builds a sweat, even messes up, before shaking it off and continuing on. That seems to be his larger point: you might not drop 35 at the Y next weekend, but if you’re willing to build the base, your catch-and-shoot confidence will come back.

Shoot the J. Shoot it.

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