5 New Year’s Resolutions. Pick One.

InsideHook’s guide to self-improvement in 2015

By The Editors
December 26, 2014 9:00 am

This year, don’t make it so easy to disappoint yourself. Below, a few highly achievable resolutions — and how we recommend you carry them out — in 2015.

I resolve to work smarter, not harder

We’re with you. Being “busy” no longer sounds cool. So make technology your bitch (not the other way around) and use Instacart for groceries, Wype to clean your car and Handstand to deliver personal trainers to your door.

I resolve to go camping. A lot.

Nature is good for you. That’s just science. To get into the great outdoors, we recommend Hipcamp, which helps you find a camping spot in California. Also of note: Ventana’s new campsite. If you’re partial to fishing, we heartily endorse tenkara fly fishing and this rig from Patagonia.

I resolve to go to more shows

First stop: the Disney Hall laser shows. For an adulted-up evening, we also recommend new theaters like The Regent and The Ace Theater, where they offer gourmet food and cocktails during the show.

I resolve to decorate like a man

Step one: take down those fanboy posters. You’re not in your twenties anymore. Step two: peruse (and purchase) the vintage photos on Archivast and visit Mr. MusicHead, the gallery that specializes in the art of music (your correspondent attended the Prince show, and it was stellar).

I resolve to have a more comfortable home

Good call. Get inspiration from home tours, like the ones from Dwell. Then either hire an online designer like Metro 66 and redecorate one room at a time. Parachute will help you with the sheets on your bed.

Nota bene: Don’t just blithely go about resolutin’ all over the place. Know the science. We recommend The Science Behind New Year’s Resolutions and Don’t Talk About Your New Year’s Resolutions.

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