5 Steps to Being a Better Man in 2015

New Year’s resolutions, my dude.

By The Editors
December 26, 2014 9:00 am

This year, don’t make it so easy to disappoint yourself. Below, a few highly achievable resolutions — and how we recommend you carry them out — in 2014.

I resolve to be more attractive to the opposite sex
The training app Fittr will help. The program takes note of your situation (No equipment? Stuck in a hotel room?) and then designs a workout that will still allow you to achieve your goals. And to look good on the way to looking good, pull on the high-end, nicely fitting athletic wares of Rhone. Made from military tech that kills bacteria sweat.

I resolve to cook more. Because steak.
Learn from the best: Salted offers 30-60 minute video cooking lessons from James Beard-nominated chefs … but still allows you to make, say, a great cheeseburger. Or steak. Steak which you can source from Master Purveyors, a New York family of “meat connoisseurs” who provide wet- and dry-aged goodness for the likes of Peter Luger’s and, now, you.

I resolve to work smarter, not harder
The iOS app Humin uses your social networks to auto-generate details for all your contacts — who you can also search by relationship and status (“friends with …,” “has studied at …”). As for your physical space: Grovemade crafts walnut and maple wood desk accessories (monitor stands, keyboard trays) that both help organize and handsome up your desk space.

I resolve to get the f— out of dodge
The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience brings what’s good on the ground — FS’s five-star accommodations, amenities and service — into the air on an opulent three-week global jaunt. And it runs throughout the year. For shorter trips: bring hook + Albert’s leather weekender, which acts as both a garment bag and a three-day vacay duffel.

I resolve to make my home more handsome
Redo your house with Vintage Industrial, crafters of handsome wares built with heavy-duty gauge steel, five-ton screw mechanisms and industrial crank wheels. Talking man furniture, dude. As for wall decorations: nothing a little Taxidermy Art can’t solve.

Nota bene: Don’t just blithely go about resolutin’ all over the place. Know the science. We recommend The Science Behind New Year’s Resolutions and Don’t Talk About Your New Year’s Resolutions.

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