Counting Votes

By The Editors
October 23, 2012 9:00 am

Statistics are supposedly useful, but politicians employ them to confuse and seduce, like a Sex Panther of suffrage — i.e., 60 percent of the time, this economic plan works all the time.

The real statistic you seek: if I vote for this guy, how much money will I save? Find out the exact amount, down to the last cent, at Politify.

PolitifyGinned up by a couple of wonky UC-Berkeley engineers, Politify calculates how your household income will be affected by which candidate is elected, all using info sourced from published budgets and official policy platforms.

All you have to provide: a zip code, age and a few household stats (salary, capital gains, dependents, etc.), and within seconds, you’ll know how much you personally have riding in tax breaks and federal services on this 2012 election. You can also discover the best candidate for your community or the nation based on income levels.

Interesting notes: if voting based purely on self-interest, liberal New York should be voting Romney, and conservative Kansas would do a lot better re-electing the president.

Numbers never lie, but they can deceive.

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