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Never miss a NASA launch or meteor shower again

January 5, 2018 9:00 am

The bad news is the Quadrantids meteor shower peaked on the evening of January 3rd and, unless you are really up on the astronomy section of The Farmer’s Almanac you don’t own, you missed it. The good news is it will be very easy to not miss the Lyrids meteor shower on April 22nd thanks to a ridiculously easy-to-install digital calendar that lists upcoming solar system events.

Put together by The New York Times, the Astronomy and Space Calendar is your go-to source for all events astral, from eclipses to scheduled NASA launches to the position of Mars. In addition to the events themselves, the calendar is full of useful information about ‘em.

The free plug-in extends all the way until next December, with the next event on it being a  total lunar eclipse which will be visible in North America before dawn on January 31st. The Times will also be updating the calendar using updates about programs like SpaceX and the like.

To take advantage, equip the calendar for Google or IOS and then keep your eyes on the skies.

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