The Good Guy’s Guide to Investing Wisely

Help your city. Make a profit.

By The Editors
March 3, 2015 9:00 am

Old adage: God helps those who help themselves.

New adage: God helps those who enrich themselves by helping their city.

How to do just that: is a new way to invest in an old idea. I.e., municipal bonds.

The site curates 1-2 projects per day (out of about 50 municipal issuances), sortable by location and subject.

No fees. And you don’t need to be accredited. But you do need a minimum amount of scratch.

If you join, you’ll essentially be financing a series of loans issued by local governments for long-term civic projects.

The projects — affordable housing, schools, highways, hospitals, stadiums, etc. — offer tax-free returns in an estimated $400 billion “muni” market.

It’s not going to make you rich overnight. But you will be repaid at set-upon intervals, with interest. With almost zero risk.

The site also provides easy-to-read resources on bonds and interactive tools.

There’s a waitlist to join, but founder Jase Wilson promises it won’t be too long.

“Our list is a fraction of the size of Robinhood, that free stock-trading app.”

Worth the risk.

Or lack thereof.

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