20 Essential Valentine’s Day Gifts

We’ve made this easy for you.

By The Editors
January 29, 2015 9:00 am

Just do her a kindness.

That’s our official position on Valentine’s Day here at InsideHook.

Don’t fall prey to the Valentine’s Day Industrial Complex. Don’t feel beholden to prix-fixe dinners. Avoid the Hallmark aisle.

Instead: just show her you care, in whichever way you’ve agreed, as a couple, to show your affection.

Now, that said. A man could always use some gift ideas.

Ergo: our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, available now for your perusal.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a mass market holiday.

And sure, maybe French philosopher Jean Baudrillard was on to something when he suggested the objects in our life will eventually dominate us, turning us apathetic and inert. 

Doesn’t mean you can’t spoil her a little bit, if that’s what she’d like.

Inside the gift guide: chocolate.

Also: clutches. Books. D’Angelo. Marijuana lube that’s only legal in two states.

Not inside: Makeup, active wear, pajamas, or anything her parents or siblings could buy her.

So, enjoy the guide.

And think about her. That’s what she really wants.

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