This Friendly Alarm Clock Can Train You to Sleep Better

Never hit the Snooze again. Actually, though.

September 20, 2016 9:00 am

My body clock is a b*tch.

I fall asleep late, toss and turn all night, and wake up (after 9-10 snooze hits) feeling like I’ve been hit repeatedly with pillowcases full of soap bars (maybe watching Full Metal Jacket before bed isn’t helping?).

So, enter possibly my ultimate sleep coach: Kello, an alarm clock now on Kickstarter that “trains you for better sleep.”

If you exercise, you know your preferred workout won’t necessarily work with someone else. Kello takes this advice to the bedroom: they offer, at launch, six different programs to help your sleep.

To start:

Snooze Less: This limits the number of Snooze hits you’re allowed to a few per week.

Wake Up Earlier: Knocks a few minutes per day off of your sleep cycle for gradually earlier wakeups.

Fall Asleep Fast: The most interesting idea, it matches your breathing to Kello’s light pattern, slowing down your mind and body and potentially reaching zzzzs  2.5 times faster.

Plus: there’s a bedtime alert that displays a sky full of stars and programs to help fight jet lag and take short power naps. The screen also gradually dims as you sleep.

All well and good, but where Kello really sells us is the amenities. You can wake up to nature sounds, podcasts or your favorite Spotify/Deezer playlist (the company was started by some Deezer vets), and all without needing your phone. Which, bonus, is one less distraction by your bed.

And if you’re part of an interconnected house, double-tapping Kello’s alarm can trigger your coffeemaker, thermostat, AC or smart lock as you wake up (you’ll need an app for some of this). It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and charging USB port.

Kello’s also a looker: It’s small, utilizes silicone for easy cleaning and comes in three friendly colors (mint green, cerulean blue, pearl grey).

It’s available now on Kickstarter for $99 and up. Don’t sleep on it.

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