How to Puddle Jump Like a Man

Then: snow. Now: puddles. Let us help.

By The Editors
January 29, 2015 9:00 am

Because life doesn’t come with an instruction manual — and if it did, men wouldn’t read it anyway — we present Gimme Three Steps, an occasional series of how-to illustrations that have nothing to do with Lynyrd Skynyrd and everything to do with helping you manage challenging situations with aplomb.

The faux blizzard Juno has passed, leaving behind every New Yorker’s favorite wintry hallmark: the slush puddle.

Many a pair of handsome brogues and spiffy sneaks have met their untimely end in such chilly depths.

You don’t want yours to be next.

Thusly, we present a serious piece of lifestyle journalism we call How To Puddle Jump Like a Man.

It involves thinking smart.

Being prepared.

And thankfully, very little stretching.

Ignore it at your peril — attempts to ford these frosty street lochs on one’s own has been known to yield less-than-desirable results.

Occasionally, way less than desirable.

Remember: an ounce of prevention saves a pound of squishy socks.

Nota bene: Need help finding boots? Check out our NYC Winter Boot Guide for some suggestions.

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