The Igloo, Elevated

Three ways to stay (sort of) outdoors come winter

By The Editors
November 12, 2015 9:00 am

Fellas, it’s gettin’ chilly. But we’re not ready to hibernate. Not just yet.

What we need is a good hut. Nothing fancy. Something to stand between us and the elements without ruining the view. Something like this Finnish igloo village, except … not in Finland.

Ergo: three inventive cold-weather constructs that let you take in the great outdoors from the haven of your own backyard.

The Garden Igloo
This multi-purpose geodesic dome was built to withstand winter and serve you well in the warmer months. True to its name, the structure can function as your greenhouse or simply somewhere to get away when you want out of the house. Check it out.

The Bubble Tent
It’s modern, it’s unique. It’s a way to transform a patch of wilderness into your own private sanctuary. Imagine taking in the latest Economist while watching the sunrise or sleeping soundly in the throes of nature. Grizzly insurance not included. Check it out.

The Grillhouse
Did you think that when the snow fell you might have to kiss that perfectly charred sirloin goodbye? Think again. It’s a grill. It’s a house. Not only is it a very perfect place to sear fine cuts in the winter months, it includes a table to sit around. Think Benihana’s meets Bear Grylls meets … winter. Check it out.

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